A family-run dog boarding kennel in the heart of Galway, Ireland.

Welcome to our family-run boarding kennels – your dog’s home away from home. For more than 10 years our family has been taking care of four-legged family members, sometimes just for a day or weekend, and sometimes for extended periods.

We know how difficult it can be as a responsible dog owner to find the right place for your dogs, somewhere that understands that the needs of each dog is different. At Clifden Kennels we know that each dog is unique in terms of their social habits, their activity levels, and even what they eat. Every dog that stays with our family gets a personal experience based on their individual needs – and yours.


We use individual kennels

We have a free-running and socialization paddock for dogs to let off steam

Our Facility is centrally heated by a wood-burning stove

There is lots of social interaction with our family and other dogs

We provide beds, bedding, bowls, leads, toys and chews for use when inside

A hot-water shower for those mucky pups


Our facility is County Council compliant

We are fully insured

We are Tax compliant

We are an IBKCA member